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Land Rover & Range Rover Diagnostics

The Land Rover/Range Rover range is one of the most complex that exist in the UK vehicle park, why? Its simple, so many of the parts and technologies have been shared over the years, from British Leyland in the early years, then Rover, followed closely by owner changes that brought in technologies and parts from first BMW and then Ford.

Owners often don't realise the complications this all brings into the equation. We sometimes use BMW and Ford diagnostics equipment instead of LR equipment as it sometimes allows access to information that is not found in Land Rover Diagnostics tools.

Land Rover and Range Rover models are some of the most complex in the UK car park.

Tools & Equipment

From the original Land Rover/Rover Testbook, then the Landrover T4, then JLR SDS, then JLR SDD utilising first the Ford IDS then Mongoose JLR hardware, the equipment to diagnose and program the complete range of vehicles is huge, strangely most Land Rover Authorised Dealers DON'T have all of this equipment! We do, we also have direct access to all the support materials that Authorised Dealers have, including Topix - the Land Rover online support and programming system  - We are in fact Fully Authorised Land Rover Independent Operators for all Land Rover & Range Rover Models.

This means that we use Actual Dealer Software, all those companies that say they use "dealer level software" don't, not only that, the software they use is cloned or reverse engineered and does not work correctly, we see examples of the problems this causes every week - beware


JLR SDD Diagnostics

Landrover IDS SDD 

Landrover T4 

Landrover Testbook